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CxW Episode 2: Bollywood World Order X The Bat, The Flash, and The Button

This week, we debate Sheamus saying that this era of WWE > The Attitude Era, Braun Strowman decimating the RAW roster and a ring with Big Show, The Miz/Ambrose feud we don’t want, The Drifter as a NPC, The more enticing Women’s title matches between Charlotte-Naomi and Alexa Bliss-Bayley, Jinder Mahal’s ascent to #1 contender and if thats a good thing, Kevin Owens as the face of America, Gina Rodriguez as our new Carmen Sandiego and the preview of the Batman/Flash 4 pt Crossover “The Button” and how readers will get some answers in the post DC-Rebirth Universe. In #AskTheMarks, we answer an email question about who we would move in a comic character superstar shakeup.

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