Episode 5: The Yes Man feat. Ricky “Rickonia” Smith

This week we are joined by Ricky Smith B.K.A. Rickonia, the star of the NEW Travel Channel reality series “Yes Man”. Jeff and Ricky talk about the common name struggles, the origins of the Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (R.A.K.E.) movement, suffering through life struggles, his unconventional road to comedy through social media, writing for Black Dynamite with no formal experience, trading “Drunk Ass Rick” stories, some behind the scenes hilarity from “Yes Man”, the motivation to succeed, CLEVELAND, and how the last $20 in his pocket set off a chain of events that led him to this day. Be a fly on the wall for an interesting conversation between two good friends.

You can find Yes Man on Travel Channel (check local listings) and follow R.A.K.E. at RAKEnow.


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