Episode 1: Get Out The Burning Sands Of No Frauds

Episode 1 of the Nonstop Culture podcast is in the books! In the inaugural episode, Jeff speaks with the man with the MAC-10 pen, David Dennis Jr. (has to throw the proper respek on his title now)! The Internet went insane in 24 hours after David and Jeff scheduled this show, and the content just wrote itself. The discussion points for this weeks show were:

  • David’s writing career, new teaching gig at Morehouse and what advice he’d give to aspiring writers.
  • David’s Get Out article and ignoring the warning signs of complicit racism until it’s too damn late. Spoilers are discussed, and it’s been about three weeks since the movie premiered so relax.
  • The upcoming Burning Sands Netflix film and whether or not it accurately represents Black Greek Lettered Organizations.
  • Nicki Minaj’s three track response to SHether – our review, analysis and does Remy Ma have to respond?
  • Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz cast as Domino for Deadpool 2
  • WebMD – Amazon Alexa voice integration to terrorize you into believing a pain in you toe means you’re a zombie


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