Episode 6: Black Culture Cosplay

We’re back with another episode of Nonstop Culture! I’m joined by Joi [@Jumpedforjoi] once again, as I needed a fellow New Yorker to discuss growing up in NYC [1:00] and some of the crazy NY Stories of the past week, including a Former NYPD officer humping a dead shark for all to see [13:00], and NYPD’s new directive forbidding from entering a residence in response to a noise complaint — unless they’re given permission [26:00].

In social news, we discuss the #BowWowChallenge and how people front on social media [44:00], and we salute the 2017 graduates of Bethune Cookman College and their resistance of Betsy DeVos, despite the “threats” of a mailed degree (as opposed to what other way to get your degree?!) [1:02:00].

For our main event, we discuss Miley Cyrus, YesJulz and how they Cosplay Black culture for their benefit. [1:12:00]. We give you our raw and uncut views as only NSC can!


@Richey_Collazo’s excellent thread on the “Coming of Age” narrative associated with Miley and cultural appropriation


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