Episode 2: Reboot Madness – Ballin’ Outta Control?

Nonstop Culture is back with episode 2! In this episode, we got friend of the show(s) DPalm from the MTR Network to impart his comic/sports wisdom upon us. We chat about his podcast origins, and how simply being a fan of cool stuff turned into hosting multiple shows. The reward for a job well done is more work! As always, it’s a fun and engaging conversation! This week in trending news we discuss:

The rumored Matrix reboot/remake/ world expansion and whether or not this is a good idea

NCAA March Madness and the high risk, high reward of filling out a bracket. DPalm is anti bracket, but Jeff praises survivor pools as the superior March Madness method of degenerate gambling behavior

LaVar Ball: Attention whore or passionate parent?

Eddie Murphy tweets about Coming to America 2 and watches the world burn, while Jeff reluctantly convinces himself that Coming to America 2 on Broadway is a thing that needs to happen

Tomi Lahren gets suspended from the Blaze for her Pro Choice views (irony much?)

Tom Brady recovers his stolen Super Bowl Jersey (sorry, ATL fans)

Instagram allows users to save IG live stories, and Jeff finally rants about how Instagram is freezing him out of the @NonstopCulture username.


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