Power After Hours: Episode 602 Recap – “Whose Side Are You On”

The Power After Hours Fam is back with an another one! POWER is getting big messy, and that Funeral scene was the cherry on top on one shady ass sundae. We get into Ghost being the only fool who doesn’t know that Tommy’s alive and how that affects him, Tasha GREEN and her quest to divorce the undivorceable Jamie, Tate going full Political O Dogg on staffers, Tariq with the GOAT elevator pitch for scholastic drug dealing, Jason Mitic playing both sides of the Ghost-Tommy beef to perfection, Cooper Saxe being the Mark Fuhrman to Ghost’s OJ, and Paz representing Angela in the best way possible. Plus your questions on POWER TALK and yes we discuss the “Big Rich Town Watch” for week 2. Will FOFTY change the theme?! Listen up and find out!


Power After Hours: Episode 601 Recap – “Murderers”

Welcome back to #PowerAfterHours for another year of recap from YOUR FAVORITE POWER PODCAST! Jeff and Krissy reunite for the first time in almost 2 years to discuss an explosive premiere. The diabolical due start with news on the 15-episode season, Jeff J’s role in POWER Confidential, the MSG POWER premiere, and the Mary J. Blige led spinoff Power Book II: As for the show? We discuss:

Ghost and his grief over Angela

Who the true “Murderers” are in POWER

Tasha and Paz reading Ghost like a book

Tommy’s Crossroads tribute to Kanan

The point of no return for Tommy/Ghost

Cooper Saxe with Super Saiyan White Privilege

And the untimely death of AUSA Angela Valdez… and much more!

Plus in POWER TALK we answer YOUR questions, including our thoughts on the new POWER theme song, Tasha’s true motives, and Tommy’s jewelry.

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