Power After Hours Episode 607 Recap – “Like Father, Like Son”

Tariq finally gets put in his place by multiple folks and the Internet rejoices! This week, we discuss the multiple ways the parent figures in Tariq’s bad ass life give him a dose of reality. Living in a fantasy world (Ghost), vs. Reality (Tasha, Tommy, Everyone else but Ghost), Saxe’s white privilege power finally running out on him, Tate writing checks his d*ck has to cash, and Tasha’s motherly decision that inspires debate among everyone. Plus your thoughts too!


Power After Hours Episode 606 Recap – “Inside Man”

If you had 24 hours to scam just think…

This is the question Ghost and Tommy ponder as they try to raise $2 Milly in 24 hours to free Tariq. Inside Man confirms that this is Tariq’s scheme, and everything as expected, goes to hell. Tariq is slowly rising in the “greatest hated characters ever” list, Tate gets some good character development via his ever expanding origin story, Cousin Benny is the MVP, and we ask “what’s next” after the Tommy-Ghost unholy alliance.


Power After Hours Episode 605 Recap – “King’s Gambit”

Ced Shine (@CedricShine) joins the Power After Hours fam to chime in on this week’s episode of POWER! Who’s playing chess on this show and who’s playing checkers? We get into a deep discussion on whether Tariq is dumb, naive, or both? A requiem for our fallen soldier Joe Proctor, Tommy’s irrational emotional nature and whether it’ll be his downfall, Saxe is the worst lawyer in the history of the U.S.A., and Jeff is finally fed up with the writing on the show as we debate accepting a show for what it is, vs. expecting better from writer’s room. Does Power hit the “f*ck it” button too often with plot lines and certain scenes? We get to it, plus your commentary too!


Power After Hours Episode 604 Recap – “Why is Tommy Still Alive?”

This episode we talk all things Ghost – how he lost all control of mind, decency and power over his movements. Why won’t he let Tasha live with another boo? How does he botch another hit on Tommy? How does he get out of these situations? Plus is Kate right about Tasha not being the one for Tommy? Does Vincent and Mitic not hold all the cards against Tommy and Ghost? How many times can Dre double cross folks in this series without being killed? Proctor makes the power moves and is his ruthless decisions gonna come back to haunt him? And has this show gone off the soap opera cliff? Listen to hear our thoughts!


Power After Hours: Episode 603 Recap – “Forgot About Dre”

Dre is back in the game and as always, revealing his snake-like ways! On this latest recap, we talk about Mitic playing both sides with Tommy and Ghost, that infamous court scene, Tasha going full black mama on Tariq, What’s Effie’s secret origin, Saxe leading the worst DA office in TV history into oblivion, and whether Keisha has the chops to be a ride or die chick. Plus the national nightmare is over… the POWER OG THEME SONG BACK! Jacquees won’t have to defile any classic 50 Cent tracks now lol. Plus in POWER TALK, we go over your thoughts on Shirtless Larenz Tate and his smashing new campaign strategy, and who you think will live or die. Lock in to #PowerAfterHours on Twitter @PowerAfterHours and ask us anything! #PowerTV

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