Power After Hours Episode 612 Recap – “He Always Wins”

Jeff and Krissy Link up to talk all things Paz… even though they aren’t hyped about it. No shade to Elizabeth Rodriguez, who killed the role, but they did her no favors by keeping her in the background for most of the season…so the resulting backlash from fans makes sense.¬†

They discuss how the story moves forward, transition episodes during a finale season, Angela’s gun as the murder weapon, Power Book II to air 8 episodes (??), and what we expect for the last few episodes. #PowerTV¬†


Power After Hours Episode 611 Recap – “Still Dre”

Jeff and Krissy are back for the final 5 episodes of Power! First, they get into the pitfalls of cybersecurity and why two-factor authentication should be a mantra for all social media users. Then they get into the show. The Power writers have crafted an excellent episode that evolves Dre into his final snitch form. We get the background and motivation for the current Dre we know and loathe. The construction of the episode as the events of Episodes 10 from the perspective of Dre filled many of the gaps and answered most questions. As we close one chapter, we still have 6 more suspects in the shooting of Ghost. Listen up to hear who we think actually shot Ghost!


Power After Hours Episode 610 Recap – “No One Can Stop Me”

We have reached the “mid-season” finale… and needless to say we are FED UP! While this episode has its moments, there’s too many plot holes and inconsistencies to ignore. We explore every suspects motive in the #WhoShotGhost mystery, while deconstructing how some of these choices make NO sense, while others are justified. Not to mention…a contrived copycat cliffhanger! The fans were VOCAL in their disapproval, and it showed in some commentary from you in POWER TALK. Our deeper conversation covers the writing process, Power Confidential, and a quick salute to Omari Hardwick and the series overall. Consider it a preview of the final episode podcast. We got two months until the next show, so here’s a super sized pod to hold you over. Enjoy!


Power After Hours Episode 608 Recap – “Deal With The Devil”

What a way to end an episode!

In the latest edition of #PowerAfterHours, we discuss the shocking death this episode (and how one of my favorite power memes came true), Saxe’s white privilege Starman finally running out, Tate’s campaign looking funny, The two-week gap between Power episodes and what the midseason finale #reallymeans, Tasha teaching narcotics 1o1 to Tariq, and how this all is leading to a bloody conclusion.

Listener social commentary was on FIRE this week too, as you asked us about everything. Like, literally everything!

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