“Power After Hours: Episode 504 Recap – “Second Chances”

This week, Jeff is joined by the ubiquitous socialite Jameer Pond to kee kee over this week’s episode “Second Chances”. The guys discuss:

Ghost and Angela hitting rock bottom
Terry Silver being the French Montana of Power
The whereabouts of Yazmine (the third St. Patrick Child)
Tommy as your friend who specializes in bad decisions
Councilman O-Dog continuing to son Ghost
Kanan’s master plan to screw Tommy
Plus we answer YOUR questions about the writing this season, Kanan as Tariq’s dad, Ghost’s wild words towards Tasha, and why Dre doesn’t work at Truth anymore but still works clubs.

Keep sending your questions and comments and spread the word about #PowerAfterHours!


Power After Hours: Episode 503 Recap – Are We On The Same Team?

This week, Jeff J. flies solo to talk about his favorite episode of the season so far, and answer your questions!

We discuss Blanca getting closer to discovering Angela’s true motives, Teresi’s heel turn, Dre getting the big brother warning from Diego, Kanan’s master plan to flip Tommy’s business, Ghost’s vigilante movements and his Fancy rendezvous, and Councilman O-Dog getting shadier by the minute!

Jeff also adds an ESQ next to his name to break down the sentence commutation process. This podcast is not to be taken as legal advice so don’t sue us.


Power After Hours Episode 501 Recap: Everyone Is Implicated

Welcome back to another season of POWER AFTER HOURS! This season we link up with FanBros Show to simulcast the show across all time and space!

Jeff J. is back and he brought along Shawn Hardie from SevenEighteen and Cousin Zane the man of a million burner accounts to discuss the premiere of the new chapter in Power. We discuss the abundance of stones hurled at glass houses between Tasha and Angela, Tariq in serious need of the fade from somebody, gratuitous body shots, The curious case of the third St. Patrick kid, and Who’s truly to blame for Raina’s murder.

Plus we answer reader questions asking who we think is dying this season and whether Angie and Tasha will hook up once again.

For all questions/comments/jokes send to @NonstopCulture, @FanBrosShow or [email protected]

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