The Gift of The Magi | Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

We have reached the mid-season finale of Power Book II: Ghost! For those familiar with the Power episode cadence, this isn’t abnormal, but due to COVID-19 we’ll have to wait until December to see our favorite characters stress us out. Jeff and Krissy dive into the circumstances surrounding the two-month hiatus and what it means for the show and we did NOT forget about every major thing that happened in this episode! Saxe and Davis with an unholy alliance, Tasha an Tariq revealing secrets, Riley roofies Tariq and we watch the realest Tariq scene at Raina and Jamie’s grave, Brayden wants more information, Monet still cursing people out to hilarity, Carrie on auto-Demon Time, and Jabari plagiarizing Tariq’s work! It was a lot which set up the next five episodes well. Plus we answer your commentary and receive a cool message during a Ghost Q&A from the god Michael Rainey Jr. himself! Tap in and tell a friend to listen to #PowerAfterHours. The Gift of The Magi | Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 5 Recap | Power After Hours


The Prince | Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

This season is flying by, and as we reach the Mid-Season finale, Jeff and Krissy cover an action-packed episode of Ghost! The Prince by Machiavelli serves as the backdrop for how Tariq confronts his opponents and how people from his past could’ve used that mentality. Plus, Tariq in true Queens gentleman fashion breaks down options and why he is the prize, the women win by finally seeing Method Man nekkid, Jabari and Carrie on Demon time, Monet still cursing at her kids, sexuality, family, and Saxe scamming gene runs strong in the family. Lauren’s Bougie parents, Maclean’s infidelity, Stern’s husband. Yeah this was a lot, and we cover it all in this episode of #PowerAfterHours!


Play The Game | Power Book II: Ghost Episode 3 Recap

This week on Power After Hours, Jeff and Krissy recap Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 3 “Play The Game”. The main characters face a crossroards where they have to either conform to the rules or have the audacity to challenge them. Those challenges are met with different results. Tariq challenges his professor about the virtues of Socrates, Monet challenges the power structure of the family business, while her kids don’t want to play the games that build preconceived notions about their future. Tasha plays too many games with her legal team and with the help of Tameika Robinson, teach Tasha an unforgettable lesson. We explore this theme and read your commentary too.


Exceeding Expectations | Power Book II: Ghost Episode 2 Recap

This week on Power After Hours, Krissy and Jeff dive into episode 2 of Power Book II: Ghost “Exceeding Expectations” They discuss the insidious intersection of the law and politics, the final farewell for Ghost, Maclean vs. Saxe and how Method Man is owning that role, and the beautiful New York swag that Monet and Mary J. brings to this new series. There’s similarities between the Tejada’s and St. Patrick’s, and Tariq’s eulogy shows that he’s ready to own the city and his destiny. Plus Simon Stern gives affluent capitalist no cap bars that are as memorable as they are impactful to our own desires and moral compass. #PowerAfterHours #PowerTV


The Stranger | Power Book II: Ghost Episode 1 Recap

The Power After Hours crew is back to continue the journey with Tariq St. Patrick in Power Book 2: Ghost! Jeff and Krissy discuss Tariq and Tasha’s life after the repercussions of the OG Power Finale. Tariq’s balance with school and the game, Tasha’s plight in prison, Saxe still using shady tactics to attain justice, and they take a look at Mary J. Blige, Method Man and the host of new characters that contribute to this new, yet familiar world. #PowerAfterHours #PowerTV

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