Power After Hours Episode 615 Recap – “Exactly How We Planned”

All good things must come to an end…

Jeff and Krissy close the chapter on Power (Book 1) after 5 years of podding. We give our take on the finale, the season, and our thoughts on the legacy of this show. We deconstruct everything from the characters, writers, and everything in between. We try to answer your burning questions: Did they need 5 episodes to end the story? Are we watching the spin-offs? What does a post Power After Hours world look like? The fans showed our too with your tweets and emails. This is #TheFinalArgument on this show as we discuss the past and look towards the future. We also give our album credit shoutouts to everyone involved in this podcasts and the hosts who helped make Power and this podcast awesome. Let’s toast to the end of an era. It’s a celebration!


Power After Hours Episode 614 Recap – “Reversal of Fortune”

Jeff and Krissy are back to review the penultimate episode of Power! We get the Tate-Centric episode, which meant to show the motives he had to kill Ghost, but this turned into a referendum on the commonly agreed upon uselessness of the Paz episode, clumsy sequencing of the episodes, and whether fans actually care about who shot Ghost anymore. We did get a reminder that Larenz Tate be AC-TING though.

Before this episode, we take a moment to remember Kobe and Gigi Bryant, along with the 7 other individuals lost in that tragic helicopter crash on Sunday. It took us a couple of days, as it did much of the world, to compose ourselves and prepare to drop this podcast.


Power After Hours Episode 613 Recap – “It’s All Your Fault”

Jeff and Krissy recap the most highly anticipated episode: The TOMMY episode! We follow Tommy’s life from the moment he kills Benny to dodging the mob, avenging Keisha’s death and more. Did we get more answers or questions? And how does the events of episode 613 affect the rest of the series and potential spin-offs? We answer these questions and yours on this episode of Power: After Hours!

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